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PCDJ DEX Crack is professional DJ software that is simple enough for a beginner, but rich enough for any experienced DJ. This means that it is a good choice for inexperienced users who want to get started in the DJ world. Once you get used to it, you no longer need to change the program. PCDJ DEX contains a powerful and robust track library that allows you to quickly and easily organize and search all your MP3, OGG Vorbis, WMA, FLAC, WAV, and ACC files.

DEX supports ‘smart playlists’ and gives you total control over your tracks. An interesting aspect of PCDJ DEX is that it offers different sheets to meet your needs. Try it and choose the one that suits your blend mode.

PCDJ DEX Serial Key is a professional DJ software for Windows that allows you to go much further than just DJs. DEX 3 is the most versatile DJ software that allows you to mix music and music videos intuitively and present karaoke with precision. Why should you be satisfied with a product that has only one function or uses multiple products? PCDJ DEX is the only DJ software for a computer with all the features you need to make any concert a huge success.

Use up to 4 independent DJ players to create your own masterpieces. It supports many DJ controllers and has BPM beat application, effects, samples, easy loop waveforms, etc.

PCDJ DEX Crack & Keygen Full Version

PCDJ DEX Keygen With DEX 3 (limited edition), novice DJs can easily mix music as well as professionals at clubs and events. Shuffle music from your music library or iTunes playlists. PCDJ has a leaded developer of record disc software – our free DJ software DEX 3 LE is a way to say thank you for supporting the DJ community over the years.

DEX is the ideal solution for DJ learning because it has the same mixing techniques as the full version of DEX 3 – robust DJ software used by tens of thousands of DJs around the world.DEX 3 may be free DJ software, but it has all the important features you need to rock all parties. The DEX 3 skin and transport controls work in the same way as traditional.

You have dedicated buttons for hot hints, quantized auto loop, effects, beat sync, pitch bending, and more. Use regular two-layer skin or switch to “tablet mode” on the fly for touch-friendly blending and scratches. Create and display amazing multi-layer text, image, and video overlay on-screen with DEX 3. Use the new overlay feature to display messages, images, and videos (automatically repeated) on-the screen to your fans and customers. Congratulations on drinking specials, your DJ logo, and everything else in a few clicks. You can save as many custom overlays in multiple layers as you want to view and display live.DJ equipment and include mixing controls in physical DJ mixers.

Key Features:

  • PCDJ DEX Full Download Crack with professional-grade mixer and playlists (two for video and karaoke)
  • Fully manual or automatic mixing (one-click match)
  • Video mixing (which includes pitch, brake, reverse, scratch video)
  • Time code vinyl / CD support
  • Strong library with format filters, as you type and edit tags
  • Smooth, intelligent looping and beats pace
  • Skin Help – Change the look of DEX
  • Automatic grid-based BPM detection with batch processing
  • A vanilla simulation which includes scratch, pitch, reverse play, and brakes
  • Headphone queuing and monitoring
  • Support for professional VST effects
  • Microphone (with talk over), turnable, or CD player analog input
  • Pitch scaling for harmonic/key mixing
  • Modern auto-mixing which includes mix in / mix out (cue in / out) points
  • Automatic gain perception (volume control)
  • Sample Player – Load and animate audio clips
  • Karaoke CDG (MP3 + G) support
  • Record your mix on MP3, WAV, or AIFF
  • Lock (Master Tempo) – Very high-quality option available!
  • ASIO / CoreAudio Short Delay Support
  • Browsing system with unlimited lists, disk explorer, database, and iTunes library import support
  • Load the entire song in RAM for quick access
  • Audio CD support on One / Mac
  • Reads DX MP3, M4A, Vivo, FF, OGG, CDA, MPEG, AV, MOVE, MKV, WMV, Sky, and more

What’s New In PCDJ DEX 3 Latest Version?

  • New: TIDAL Streaming Service support (including Video tracks)
  • New: “3rd Party Services” tab in Preferences/Settings – this is where all the integrations are (streaming services, stores, etc)
  • New setting: “Always start a new track when filler music player resumes” (when disabled the filler music will continue where it left off when playback resumes)
  • New setting: “Show singers without songs” (you can customize the default “Pick a song!” text); this will show in the karaoke ticker / next singers list;
  • New: Automatically moving the cross-fader to the left for 1-deck / karaoke-only skins (eg. LYRX)
  • New: Warn the user when there is no current audio device set or is disconnected: “The audio device could not be found.
  • Please re-connect it and restart the app or select a different audio device from Preferences/Options -> Audio Routing tab.”
  • Updated: Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK now compatible with the new ARM M1-based Macs
  • Fixed: Browser-lists splitters sometimes not working correctly
  • Fixed: Memory leak for video loops (eg. karaoke background video)
  • Fixed: Windows audio device names with special characters
  • Fixed: Rare downloading issues for some streaming services
  • Various performance improvements

System Requirements:

  • Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
  • Intel Core i5 / i7 – AMD Ryzen 3 (or higher)
  • 4 GIG RAM or better (if you have more than 100,000 songs, we recommend at least 8 GB)
  • Graphics card: Dedicated graphics card with at least 512 MB (or Intel HD 3000 series or better)
  • DirectX / ASIO compatible multichannel audio interface (and / or USB audio interface)
  • 200 MB free on the hard disk

How To Install/Crack?

  • Download PCDJ DEX (archive) from the link below
  • Unpack the installer and install it as usual
  • Launch the application
  • Start the keygen (if the antivirus has removed the keygen, disable it before starting the installation)
  • Copy the data generated by keygen to the application registration field.
  • Enjoy it!

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